Financial risk at stake with your LNG quality measurement system.


Measurements of gas and liquid natural gas (LNG) quality, along with flow measurements, ultimately determine the commercial value of the gas and LNG, which is vital for the long-term successful operation of a custody transfer / fiscal measurement system. The linearity of these instruments can lead to errors which contribute to the measurement uncertainty.

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Topics: Gas Theory and Applications, Calibration Gas Selection

Calibrating Coal Mining Instruments using Gas Mixers.

Greg Shires

Under the new AS2290.3:2018 Coal Mining Standard, Section 4.7, gas sensors are required to be calibrated six monthly based upon  the following criteria.

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Topics: Regulations and Standards, Material Selection, Calibration Gas Selection

AS2290.3:2018 – New Coal Mining Standard – Key elements to know.

Greg Shires

AS2290.3 has been revised for 2018.

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Topics: Calibration Gas Selection, Regulations and Standards

CAC GAS Cylinder Recycling & Refilling Solution.

Greg Shires

Calibration & specialty gas mixtures are stored in two main cylinder types.  

  • Low pressure cylinders known as disposable or non-refillable cylinders (NRC)
  • High pressure / large volume refillable cylinders.
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Topics: Material Selection, Calibration Gas Selection

Hydrogen Safety in the Laboratory

Bruce Peat, Peak Scientific

Original blog written by Bruce Peat, Peak Scientific. Posted 02/03/16:

The scientific community in China has been shocked by an accident in a laboratory at the prestigious Tsinghua University in Beijing, where it is believed that an explosion, and resulting fire, from bulk supplied hydrogen gas being used in the lab caused the death of a post doctorate researcher. 

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Topics: Laboratory Gas Analysis, Calibration Gas Selection

Q & A: on Calibration & Bump/Response Testing of Gas Detection Instruments

Greg Shires

A question and answer session with Greg Shires, Managing Director of CAC GAS & Instrumentation.

First let me by clear on this subject: Gas detection instruments are life saving devices.  

They can make the difference between a worker going home at night or not. If I was required to use a gas detection instrument in my work place each day I would make sure it was calibrated weekly and bump tested prior to every use. This would make sure it was accurate and I was safe.

So, let’s discuss this further.

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Topics: Gas Detection, Calibration Gas Selection

Mixing or Diluting Gases for Multipoint Calibrations

Carine Cardella, AlyTech

Designed and produced by AlyTech and distributed by CAC Gas & Instrumentation, GasMix™ products enable multipoint gas calibrations by mixing and/or diluting several calibration gases.

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Topics: Calibration Gas Selection, Environmental Gas Measurement, Laboratory Gas Analysis

General Rules for Designing Custom Gas Mixtures

Paul Fry

We are often asked for many different gases for the same applications. When possible, the required gases can be combined into the same cylinder to reduce the overall gas cost. When creating custom gas mixtures you must be aware of potential issues from mixing different compounds together.

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Topics: Calibration Gas Selection, Gas Theory and Applications