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Access our technical experts to help you develop effective and efficient solutions with your OHS, process, environmental and laboratory calibration gas applications.

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Every application is different. Choose a supplier that has a thorough understanding of your challenges and can provide appropriate and timely solutions for your specific application.

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The impact of unreliable or poorly serviced products is injury or even death. Work with a supplier that prioritises product quality and the highest service levels in everything they do.

The BTS-X Bump Test Station

For Every instrument, In Every Environment

Completely pneumatic and usable in all industrial hazard areas. You no longer need to leave the worksite to test your gas detectors. The fully stainless steel construction has no electrical or battery functions and an be used with both large and small volume cylinder. The one button operation allows for up to 2 units at one time. It can be used with any gas detection instrument, provides a response in seconds and is ready to test again immediately. 
The BTS-X also provides added safety for shutdowns/turnarounds. Find out more here.

Calibration & Specialty Gas Analysis 


Through a complete analysis of all areas, at no cost to you, we guarantee we'll find ways for you to save on your annual calibration and specialty gas mixtures purchases by up to 20%. We'll also provide you a report filled with recommendations on what you can do to improve your current situation. 

Find out more here 

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