Harsh Area Gas Sampling System


A custom designed single or multiple sensor sampling system suited for monitor of gas or vapor atmospheres from extreme environments containing temperature, humidity, particulate or pressure challenges.

  • Designed for continuous monitoring in hazardous and non-hazardous area locations
  • Reduced sensor replacement & maintenance costs due to moisture & contamination control
  • Proven design used for sampling from sewers, digesters, drains, confined spaces, tank cleaning, exhaust ducts, etc
  • Faster response time with sample flow-through design powered by internal diaphragm pump
  • Humidity removal ensures accurate sensor readings even in highly humid environments

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Gas Sensors(supplied by customer)

Combustible, toxic gas or other

Sensor type(supplied by customer)

Catalytic, Electrochemical, IR, or PID

Maximum sample line length

50 meter (6mm OD. tube)

Operating temperature

5 – 45 C

Power supply

100 – 220 VAC or 24VDC

Sample flow across the detector head

0.3 - 1 LPM


Transmitter local display/Panel indicators


Fault alarms, 4-20 mA, MODBUS, dry contact, optional SMS alert

Local alarm

Optional audio/visual local alarm

Cloud based data logging/trend analysis, email alerts, remote viewing

Optional Data Link for secure data transfer, subscription free service


In line coalescing filters c/w peristaltic drain pump

Sample conditioning

Humidity, temperature, particulate, pressure & cross interfering gases

Humidity control

Thermoelectric condenser and/or nafion barrier to condition samples up to 95% RH

Sample capture

Optional triggered sample capture for future analysis to assist with due diligence, reports or prosecution


1 Year on non-consumable parts

System enclosure

Weatherproof IP rated enclosure for outside locations or as required for site secure installations.

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