Calibration Gas Cylinder Recycling

CAC GAS recycles all of our calibration gas cylinders 

Recycling Partners:

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Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane

Contact AES



Contact Encore


 Adelaide, Sydney

Contact Gas Alarm or Alvi



Contact W.O.L.F

Disposable/Non-refillable Cylinders (NRC):

As part of our environmental solution we recycle CAC GAS empty 34, 58, 60, 65, 103 and 112 litre calibration gas cylinders. 

All CAC GAS non-refillable cylinders (NRC) can be recycled by contacting one of our recycling partners or sending the cylinders directly to CAC GAS.   

We have partners in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Contact any one of our partners to assist you.


High Pressure/Large Volume Specialty Gas Cylinders:

CAC GAS will pick up our larger cylinders (high pressure), calibration and specialty gas cylinders free of charge anywhere in Australia.    

We can also provide specialised packaged solutions for returning empty cylinders.

Call (1-300-222 427) or email to discuss your requirements or organize any of our services.

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