Gas Distribution Systems GDS-100

Gas Distribution System


  1. All Stainless Steel Construction
  2. Cylinder mount regulator can be used in replacement for items #1 and #2
  3. Outlet Panels can be connected together to provide total number of outlets required.
  4. Special Designs Available
CAC GAS GDS-100 Gas Distribution Systems ebook

The GDS-100 gas distribution system is designed to provide customers with a simple solution to connect high pressure (large volume) calibration gas cylinders to their docking, calibration or bump test stations. For systems where two or more test stations are required then the GDS-100 provides the complete solution as follows:

    • High Pressure gas cylinders (750, 1500, 3000 or 7500 litre)
    • High Pressure Regulators (either cylinder mount or panel mount).
    • Gas Distribution Interconnecting Hoseline (from Regulator to Outlet Panels)
    • Outlet Panels (two, four, six or more outlets)
    • Demand Flow Regulators if required.
    • Connection to Docking Station or Bump Test Station (hose or tubing)

Gas Distribution System layout with Panel Mount Regulator

GDS Layout

  1. High pressure Gas lead
  2. Panel Mount Regulator - Cylinder Mount Regulator available
  3. Interconnecting hoseline ( rigid or flexible stainless)
  4. Gas Distribution panel with manifold, Ball valves, outlet connection blocks on stainless steel backing panel
  5. Docking station or calibration station connections. ( tubing)
  6. Outlet Panel regulators as required
  7. Docking Station, calibration test or bump test station.



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