Specialty Gas / Pressure Regulators


CAC GAS supplies a complete line of specialty gas and pressure regulators for supplying carrier gas, specialty gas standards and calibration gases for all applications.

The Tech-MasterLab-Master, Spec-Master and Chem-Master pressure regulators are part of a line of products including manifolds and outlet points to provide a complete gas control solution. The product line is capable of managing non corrosive and corrosive gases up to n6 purity.

 Whether gas chromatography, process gas analysers, environmental analysis or gas detection we have the regulator systems to meet your gas handling requirements.

High Pressure Regulators

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Tech-Master/ Lab-Master/ Spec-Master / Chem-Master Diaphragm Regulators

Part Number Selection

To create a part number for a high pressure regulator select one item from each column.  Using the highlighted number before each item you can build the part number.

For example: CM-1-1.5-BS15-0 is a ChemMaster, single stage regulator, 0-1.5 Outlet pressure range with a BS-15 connector and ¼” NPT female outlet port

Regulator Series Stages Outlet Pressure Inlet Fitting Outlet Fitting

TM Tech-Master 
Purity n4.5


LM Lab-Master
Nickel Plated Brass 

Purity n5.0


SM    Spec-Master
Nickel Plated Brass
Purity n6.0


CM Chem-Master
Stainless Steel
Purity n6.0


1 Single Stage


2 Dual Stage


1.50 - 1.5BAR/150kpa


3.5 0 - 3.5BAR/350kpa


6.0     0 - 6.0BAR/600kpa


10       0 - 10BAR/1000kpa

BS3 BS341 No. 3

BS4 BS341 No. 4

BS13 BS341 No. 13

BS14 BS341 No. 14

BS15 BS341 No. 15

T10 AS2473.2 Type 10

T20 AS2473.2 Type 20

T44 AS2473.2 Type 44

CGA330 CGA-330

CGA590 CGA-590

CGA660 CGA-660

DIN1 DIN 477 #1

0 1/4" NPTF

Other connectors are available upon request

400 1/4" Tube, Female

4TA 1/4" Tube, Male

200 1/8" Tube, Female

2TA 1/8" Tube, Male

4VCR 1/4" Tube, Face Seal

0 1/4" NPTF

Other connectors are available upon request