Specialty & High Purity Gases


Our Quality Guarantee

CAC GAS supplies precision gravimetric calibration gases and high purity specialty gas mixtures for all industrial, mining and laboratory applications where precision and accuracy is required. When you select CAC GAS for your specialty gases and equipment you will receive gases that offer the highest level of purity, consistency, compliance and accreditation.



With over 75 years of experience in calibration gases, gas detection and gas analysers, CAC GAS brings practical knowledge and skills in understanding customer’s requirements and providing a total customer solution. CAC GAS provides specialty calibration gas mixtures for every industrial and mining application.


Technical Support

We offer guidance in the selection of gas mixtures and associated equipment you need for your application. Our aim is to provide specialty gas mixtures and equipment to you, where you need it, when you need it. CAC GAS offers consultative service where we work with you in partnership and determine the total volume of gas that will be consumed and recommend the most appropriate and cost effective strategies.



Specialty Gas Mixtures

Gases are available in binary and multi-blend mixtures for calibration applications including process gas analysis, environmental measurement and analytical laboratory measurement.


Accredited Reference Gas Standards:

Primary and Secondary Gas Mixture, manufactured gravimetrically to ISO 6142, then analysed and accredited under ISO 17025.

Traceable Gas Standards:

Gas standards manufactured gravimetrically to ISO 6142, with traceability to NPL(UK) or N.I.S.T.(USA)

Traceable standards are calibration mixtures, which are analytically certified directly against either a UKAS or NIST standard.  Typical uncertainty is +/- 1%.

Certified Gas Standards:

Gas standards manufactured in a variety of methods, certified gravimetrically and/or analytically.  All mixtures come with a certificate of composition. Sometimes known as working standards, these are used routinely in science and industry.

EPA Protocol Gas Mixtures:

Gas standards prepared and certified to the USA EPA Traceability Protocol.

EPA Protocol Gases are manufactured and analytically certified in strict accordance with the most recent EPA traceability guideline document entitled “EPA Traceability Protocol for Assay and Certification of Gaseous Standards”.  The majority of EPA Protocol mixtures are certified to +/- 1% overall uncertainty.

Our 33w and 150w cylinders are available in concentrations ≤ 250ppm NO2 in Air or N2 balance gas for EPA Protocols and NIST Traceable gas standards.

High Purity Gas Mixtures:

CAC GAS offers are range of high purity gas mixtures (Acetylene to Xenon) up to 99.999% (grade 5) in multiple cylinder sizes. With a complete line of specialty gas control equipment we ensure that the purity you require is maintained through to your point of use.  (link to list of gases)


Gas mixtures are available in ten different cylinder sizes and capabilities. High pressure cylinders are available in 2AL, 5L, 10L, 20L, 50L, 33w and 150w water capacity. 

Specialty cylinders for NO2 and EPA gas mixtures are available in 33w and 150w.

Smaller disposable cylinders are available for many gas mixtures, when a smaller volume of gas is required. Whether it is a single gas or a complex blend, specialty mixtures can be produced in a range of sizes from 34 litres to 112 litres.

We produce gas mixtures for special applications where only one cylinder may be required.

CAC GAS does not charge monthly rental fee for high pressure cylinders. This eliminates the administrative burden of managing cylinder quantity, location and reduces cost. 

Regulators and Gas Control Systems

It is important to transfer your gas from the cylinder to the point of application with no degradation to the purity or impact on the accuracy of your application results. CAC GAS will help you select the appropriate gas control equipment for the job so that you can deliver your gas at:

  • the highest quality and accuracy
  • the correct pressure or flow


CAC GAS supplies a range valve outlets and connector to meet your needs including AU (Australia), BS (UK), DIN (Germany) and CGA (USA).