Tubing & Hoses

     Tygon, teflon and stainless steel tubing and hoses are available to provide a complete calibration gas solution. The use of correct tubing and hose materials is a key element in delivering accurate and repeatable gas to instruments and analysers. The selection of the correct materials is critical as many materials will react with or absorb onto the incorrect material.


    Tygon -E3603

    The E-3603 tygon tubing is highly resistant to moderate levels of corrosive gases. Applicable for H2S and SO2 and all non-corrosive gases such as CO,CO2,O2 and hydrocarbons. Very flexible it is available in multiple internal sizes .


    Tygon SE-200

    Teflon Lined Tygon -SE 200

    The SE-200 teflon lined tygon tubing is resistant to all corrosive gas mixtures. This must be used for gases such as ammonia, chlorine and Nitrogen dioxide. The tube within a tube provides more flexibility than normal Teflon allowing it to be used in field applications as well as in laboratory applications.


    SS Flexible Tubing

    Stainless Steel Flexible

    The stainless steel flexible hose has a Teflon lining to provide both corrosive resistance as well as durability in harsh environments. This hose is a simple solution for connecting high pressure regulators to docking station systems or other calibration panels.  It comes with screw on connectors to a standard 4m connection. 

    SS Rigid Tubing

    Stainless Steel Rigid

    Stainless Steel rigid tubing is used for permanent installations or long run applications where a gas distribution system is supplying, carrier, specialty or calibration gas to a gas analyser, GC or docking station system. Available in ¼” and 1/8” inside diameter in multiple lengths. The tubing requires special tools for bending and mounting accessories for installation.



    1/8” and 1/6” OD tubing with SilcoNert® 2000 coating.

    Can be purchased individually or as part of our Precision Analyser Solution