Cylinder Options for Liquefied Gas Mixtures

    Matt Shaw

    Liquefied gas mixtures, or ‘liquid mixtures,’ are often used for calibrations where the application demands calibration with a ‘heavy’ or longer-chain hydrocarbon (see Demystifying hydrocarbon gas mixtures in non-refillable cylinders). Liquid mixtures have the advantage of closely matching the product being analysed (e.g. stream gas), while also offering increased efficiency by allowing an increased number of calibrations with the same cylinder, when compared to a gaseous mixture.

    While liquid mixtures do have significant advantages, there are some disadvantages to consider. As is described in our previous blog on Issues with liquefied calibration gases, there are rules that can be followed to mitigate the issues. One of those being choice of cylinder type.

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    SilcoNert® - Better performance, better results.

    Matt Shaw

    What is it?

    SilcoNert® is a non-reactive silicon coating process that makes flow paths inert for better process control, consistent sampling, and analytical results. The patented chemical vapor deposition process bonds the coating to stainless steel; alloy; ceramic; and glass, making a high-tolerance, durable coating even under extreme temperatures and pressures.

    SilcoNert® is made by SilcoTek Coatings, "the world's leading provider of high performance inert coatings applied by chemical vapor deposition (CVD)." 

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    Financial risk at stake with your LNG quality measurement system.


    Measurements of gas and liquid natural gas (LNG) quality, along with flow measurements, ultimately determine the commercial value of the gas and LNG, which is vital for the long-term successful operation of a custody transfer / fiscal measurement system. The linearity of these instruments can lead to errors which contribute to the measurement uncertainty.

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