What makes a good calibration gas?

    Alex Singer

    There are two types of measurements made when preparing gas mixtures. The first is measuring what goes into the cylinder (volumetric or gravimetric measurement), and the second is measuring what comes out of the cylinder (measurement based on analysis). The first is relatively simple, as you need to only have:

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    Topics: Gas & Cylinder Selection, Specialty Gas Applications, Scientific & Laboratory

    Hydrogen Safety in the Laboratory

    Bruce Peat, Peak Scientific

    Original blog written by Bruce Peat, Peak Scientific. Posted 02/03/16:

    The scientific community in China has been shocked by an accident in a laboratory at the prestigious Tsinghua University in Beijing, where it is believed that an explosion, and resulting fire, from bulk supplied hydrogen gas being used in the lab caused the death of a post doctorate researcher. 

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    Topics: Gas Hazards & Dangerous Goods, Scientific & Laboratory

    Choosing Laboratory Gas Generators - How to Decide?

    Bruce Peat, Peak Scientific
      When it comes to deciding which   gas generator   is best for your lab there are some considerations lab managers must make. There are two main technologies used to generate nitrogen from air: membrane and   Pressure Swing Adsorption   (PSA).  
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    Topics: Specialty Gas Applications, Scientific & Laboratory