Precision Regulators

    We offer a full line of high precision gas control equipment along with our MICRO300 Precision Regulator. All items are kept in stock for fast shipment.

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    MICRO300 Precision Regulator

    The MICRO300 Precision Regulator, specially configured by CAC Gas & Instrumentation for highly-sensitive applications, is designed for customers who need the most accurate calibrations.
    The MICRO300 features fully supported ‘sensitive’ pistons and a low internal volume to reduce wasted gas and minimise reactions. The regulator is available with or without SilcoNert® 2000 coating.

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    The Precision Analyser Solution

    cyl300 vs micro300

    The CYL300 vs Micro300

    The Micro300 regulator beside a ‘standard’ size regulator



    1/8” and 1/6” OD tubing with SilcoNert® 2000 coating.

    inlet connectors

    Inlet Connectors

    Specially designed ultra-low-volume inlet/valve connectors

    outlet connectors

    Outlet Connectors

    Quality fittings from Swagelok ® available from stock* with SilcoNert 2000 ® coating. 

    *1/8”NPT to 1/16”, 1/8”, & ¼” tube fitting only

    SilconertSilcoNert® Coatings

    Can be requested on all/any components.

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    Precision SL Series_Page_1

    The Precision solution for your FID GC

    Precision Hydrogen SL

    • 99.9995% purity hydrogen gas on-demand
    • Simple one-button start-up and shutdown
    • Innovative sealed-capsule desiccant system, swap out easily in 60 seconds
    • Robust safety features including fail-safe auto-shutdown
    • Optional auto-water fill or pressurized deionized water fill
    • Safety compliant with CE certification
    • 2 year comprehensive warranty as standard