Gas Control Accessories


    A variety of gas control accessory items are available including tubing, hose assemblies, inlet & outlet connections, splitters and fittings.

     Inlet Connectors

    Connectors for Calibration Gas Cylinders

     Connectors for all high pressure cylinders AS, BS, CGA, DIN.

    NRC C10 Connectors

    C10 Connectors

    Connectors to expand the use of small NRC cylinders

    Outlet Connectors


    1/4" NPT connectors for high pressure regulators.


    Splitter Brass with ODFR & FF200

    Splitters provide an easy solution for connecting multiple high pressure regulators to one cylinder.  

     Tubing & Hoses

    tygon tubing for calibration gas

    Tygon, Teflon and stainless steel tube/hose.

    Gecko Float

    gecko float.jpg

    The Gecko Float is a floating probe used at the end of a gas detection sampling line in high water applications.