Calibration Gas Cylinder Recycling & Refilling

    As part of our environmental initiatives and with your participation, CAC GAS aims to recycle or reuse all of our calibration gas cylinders.


    Disposable/Non-refillable Cylinders (NRC):

    CAC GAS recycles our empty 58L, 60L, and 103L calibration gas cylinders. 

    All empty 34L, 65L and 112L aluminium CAC GAS cylinders can be returned to CAC GAS or to our recycling partners in order to be reused. For more information on our re-usable cylinders read our blog.

    Cylinders can be returned by contacting one of our recycling partners (see below) or by sending the cylinders directly to CAC GAS.  

    See all our recycling partners and their contact information below.


    High Pressure/Large Volume Specialty Gas Cylinders:

    CAC GAS will pick up our larger cylinders (high pressure), calibration and specialty gas cylinders free of charge anywhere in Australia.

    We can also provide specialised packaged solutions for returning empty cylinders.

    Call (1-300-222 427) or email to discuss your requirements or organise any of our services.


    Contact us to learn about the benefits of becoming a recycling partner.

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    Recycling Partners


    AES logo

    Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane

    Contact AES



    Contact Encore

    gasalarm logo

     Adelaide, Sydney

    Contact Gas Alarm or Alvi

    Wolf Logo


    Contact W.O.L.F

    Intura Logo

    Chinchilla, QLD

    Contact intura

    APC Techsafe

    New Zealand

    Contact APCtechsafe

    Temtrol logo


    Contact Temtrol

    Newcastle Logo


    Contact Newcastle Safety Servicing