Sampling Instrumentation & Sample Systems


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Conditioning_IRA4SSIRA-4SS for Pipeline Sampling

The Welker® IRA-4SS Probe Regulator is designed to regulate a gas sample stream without interrupting pipeline flow. With AI Control, the probe automatically inserts and retracts using pipeline pressure.

SCHSSCHS for Pipeline Sampling

The Welker SCHS Sampling Conditioning Heated System properly conditions a flowing gas stream and protects analyzers from free liquids.



LNG Sample System

The Welker LNG sample system facilitates the vaporization and conditioning of a sample of LNG from its liquid state to a gaseous state in compliance with the International Standards for LNG sampling.

gas sample conditioning system

GSCS for Water/Wastewater

A custom designed single or multiple sensor sampling system suited for monitor of gas or vapor atmospheres from extreme environments containing temperature, humidity, particulate or pressure challenges.