Specialty & Calibration Gas Mixtures

    Cylinder Size Options

    We produce simple binary mixtures through to complex multi-component gas mixtures in a range of cylinders sizes.  CAC GAS offers non-refillable (low volume) cylinders and high pressure (large volume) cylinders and low pressure cylinders.
    All valve types are available including AS, BS, CGA and DIN as required. Gases are supplied with a certificate of composition. Cylinders are labelled with the gas volume, pressure, our reference, date of manufacture and shelf life.
    For more information on our gases see our Specialty Gas page.
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    Non-Refillable Cylinders

    Non-refillable cylinders

    34L - 552L Non-Refillable Cylinders

    (Aluminum & Steel)

    High Pressure Cylinders

    High Pressure Cylinders

    100L - 7500L High Pressure Cylinders

    (Aluminum & Steel)

    Low Pressure Cylinders


    Low Pressure Cylinders


    Specialty Cylinders

    Marine Emissions Test Kit

    Heublein Kit


    Lecture Bottle 

    lecture bottle


    Constant Pressure Cylinder



    Dual Port/Dip Tube Cylinder

    DP DT